Lumen Pro Documentation

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Activating Lumen Pro:

To activate Lumen Pro simply enter the License Key you got with your puchase and press activate Lumen.

Internet access needed.

Lumen is now activated on this hardware. If you want to use this license on another

Hardware make sure to deactivate it first before uninstalling.



Simply add .ies or .ldt files from the Add menu or by pressing Shift-A.

add menue


LumenPro Light Panel:

Navigate the intuitive Light panel to access light material nodes, 2D diagrams, and detailed file contents.



Utilize the dynamic Library in the N panel of the 3D viewport to organize files and perform actions like adding, replacing, and converting lights.

The Library also includes subfolders to browse to.




Light Arrays:

You can use Blender instancing on mesh verticies to array lights.

Make sure the light and the mesh share the same origin ! Apply scale to mesh.

Select the Light. Shift-select the mesh. Ctrl-P to parent. Then enable object->Instancing->Verticies on the mesh.

If you have any offset apply Scale Ctrl-a -> Scale. Use edit mode to change mesh geometry if needed.

Instances are draw in their own color which can be changed in preferences.

The instanced Light will be visible but will not contribute to rendering / calculations.

Select it to change properties on instances.


False color Rendering Preview:

Experience enhanced visualization with a dedicated button for quick rendering in false color view under Render Tools.

Easyly get an overview with the scale in lux or foot candela.


Lumen Graphs:

Create Lumen Graphs to gain detailed insight into the lighting.

Graph Types:



Settings in Geometry Node Modifier


Settings in Geometry Node Modifier


Preference panel:


Customize your preferences effortlessly through the Preference panel, accessible via system settings.

Set default library folders, resolutions, and more to tailor Lumen Pro to your specific needs.

Scale and Place the Scale howevery you want.