LuxCoreRender for OSX 10.13

LuxCoreRender amazing CPU and OpenCL OpenSource Renderer 2.3 alpha0 and BlendLuxCore 2.3 alpha0 Blender 2.8 plugin for OSX

Since there was no current OSX version of LuxCoreRender i decided to take the quest to compile it
and learned alot about „static linking“ on OSX but finally it worked out.

I’m currently setting up azurepipeline. So there should be daily builds soon.
And yah i’m now official macos maintainer for LuxCoreRender.
Unbelievable render lit only by an HDR image.
5min Rendertime on my macbook pro 2013. Opencl and Photonmap.

DanishMood Luxrender Testscene

It’s working get the latest azure builds here. for those who can’t wait.

check out the official website

and the forum

or the GitHub