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Dune Solver Documentation

Welcome to Dune Solver! This comprehensive guide will help you get started and make the most of your Dune Solver experience. more

Dune Solver

Dune Solver: Revolutionize Your Terrain Simulations more


ColorSlicer is a ProoveOfConcept for creating 3D layer paintings in the style of HueForge directly in Blender. more


Real-Time Intermediate Flow Estimation for Video Frame Interpolation and frame resizing on GPU for Blender Video Editor more


Magic Voxels - MagicaVoxel more

molecular +

Particle solver for Blender 2.8+ more

gyroflow 0.2.1

opensource gyro stabilization more


The ultimate solution for seamlessly managing photometric data within Blender. more

LuxCoreRender 2.4alpha with cuda support

BlendLuxCore2.4alpha now features cuda GPU Rendering for macOS 10.13 ONLY more

Particle Painter for Blender 2.8

Color to the particles ParticlePainter for Blender 2.8 more

LuxCoreRender for OSX

LuxCoreRender amazing CPU and OpenCL OpenSource Renderer 2.3 and BlendLuxCore 2.3 Blender 2.8 plugin for OSX more

Blender 2.8 .ies / ldt. file importer

import .ies and .ldt files into Blender 2.8 more